Tuesday, August 18, 2009


WFTC switched to RF channel 29 tonight. I am waiting for some reception reports to see how it has helped or hurt most people. My signal strengths are not as great as I had hopped, nowhere near the power of KSTC. Please reply and let us know what you think of the new channel.

Monday, August 17, 2009

New Channels

CSPAN2 and CSPAN3 are in Clear QAM this afternoon. They were added late this morning or early this afternoon.

CSPAN2 is 116-3 at 720x480i (4:3)

CSPAN3 is 116-4 at 720x480i (4:3)

As to the Charter boxes, I am going to check and see when the new channels become active and post a reply back about the new HD channels.
Also, Zap2It is not currently listing CSPAN2/3 yet in the listings. (this usually takes 1-7 days)


As of this morning, the new HD channels are active in the digital boxes and the analog channel moves and deletes have been made.

Monday, August 10, 2009


WFTC will be shutting down its' channel 21 digital broadcast (remember it remaps to channel 29.1/2) and firing up its' new channel 29 digital broadcast. This will be happening on August 18th, so remember to rescan your converter boxes, HDTVs or Home Theater PCs on the 18th.
The new broadcast will also be at 1MW (1 million Watts) but will be a decent amount higher up on the tower, so that should make it a bit stronger for anyone over the horizon from perfect LOS (Line Of Site)
I know that at my place in Kasson, MN channel 21 digital is the weakest digital full power station that I receive, so I am hoping that this improves greatly:)

Channel Changes on Charter for Rochester

Here is a list of channel changes coming on August 18th on Charter cable:

CSPAN2 from analog 17 to 85 Basic Digital Only
TBN from analog 24 to 183 Basic Digital Only
EWTN from analog 25 to 180 Basic Digital Only
Inpsir from analog 27 to 181 Basic Digital Only
WE from analog 38 to 307 Digital View
MSNBC from channel 72 to 27 (analog)
MTV2 from channel 73 to 76 (analog)
Univision channel from 74 to 38 (analog)

New HD Channel additions: Lifetime 750, FoxNews HD 751, and CNN HD 752. (Expanded Basic with HD box)
Digital Additions: CSPAN3 86 BDO
Great American Country: 330 Digital View

I would expect CSPAN2, CSPAN3, TBN, EWTN, Inpsir to all be in Clear QAM as well. (usually "Basic Digital Only" channels are in Clear QAM)

8-11-09 Followup:

It has come to the authors attention that some of the channels that will be digital only in the coming week, have already popped up on Clear QAM in the Rochester Charter system. These include: 92-4 TBN, 91-4 INSP, and 90-5 EWTN. I cannot promise that these are the final channel assignments, but at least at the time of writing, I can verify.