Wednesday, May 5, 2010

K19ER-D (ETWN) now live on DT 16 in the Twin Cities

As was have mentioned previously, KTCI, Twin Cities Public Television's secondary facility used to broadcast on digital channel 16 at a mere 50kw. They then switched over to channel 23, sporting a coverage area on par with KTCA's channel 34 facility. For some time, KTCI was simulcasting on channels 16 and 23.

On 4/30/10, it was reported on the AVS Forum's Minneapolis, MN - OTA thread that K19ER, a Cities EWTN translator had begun broadcasting on the facility. The channels are mapped 16.1-5 and all are currently displaying the same program. It is assumed that they will fill the other four subchannels with different programming, but from what I know of EWTN, they only have three channels - an English channel and a Spanish channel and a radio feed.