Sunday, April 19, 2009

Updates on Digital Cutoff Dates

Sorry folks, it's been a while since we gave you an update so some of this is actually old news. My apologies. I'll try to be a little bit more on top of things in the future.


First order of Business: KSMQ (PBS - Austin, MN) decided to cut their analog (Ch. 15 from a tower near Austin) by noon on Friday, May 1st.

Second, Wisconsin Public Television also decided to pull the analog plug on all their analog transmitters back on Sunday April 5th, so that means no more analog WHWC (ch. 28 Mennomonie, WI) or analog WHLA (ch, 31 LaCrosse) for us Rochester viewers.

Third, the other day (think it was Wednesday or Thursday), KZSE 90.7 (NPR Talk), KLZE 91.7 (MPR Classical) KNXR 97.5 (Easy Listening) all went down for maintenance for a few hours. All three are up on the same tower east of Rochester (the big one). It was a pretty rare opportunity to DX (distance listen) on those frequencies. Anyone pick up other stations during that time?

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