Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Classic Hits 103.9 Becomes Z-Rock

The Post Bulletin is reporting that 103.9 KLCX is switching formats from "Classic Hits 103.9" to "Z-Rock" which is already broadcast on KDZZ 107.7, a low power station east of Rochester. The addition of 103.9 will give Rochester listeners better coverage.

103.9 and 107.7 have frequently changed formats throughout the years. 107.7 used to be "Oldies 107.7" then switched to "Classic Hits 107.7." 103.9 went on the air, duplicating 107.7 in order to give Rochester better coverage, thus the station was known as "Classic Hits 103.9/107.7." On April 1st 2008, 107.7 became "TV 107-7." The whole day, the station played a loop of TV show theme songs. On April 2nd 107.7 became "Z-Rock 107.7" while 103.9 stayed with the classic hits format.

For those unfamiliar with the Rochester dial, the "Classic Hits" format competed among a number other similar stations for listeners, including Laser 101.7 (generic Classic Rock), 89.9 KRPR (wide variety/AOR Classic Rock) and Cool 104.3 (Oldies).

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