Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A table of ERPs in the Rochester/Austin/Mason City Market

Just thought everybody could use a handy little reference for output powers of various stations.

Analog Ch. 3: 100kW
Digital Ch. 42: 800kW, formerly 200kW. Before the KIMT-DT tower, the station broadcast at an extremely low power from an antenna on top of their studio

Analog Ch. 6: 100kW
Digital Ch. 33: 224kW
Soon to be Digital Ch. 36: 324kW, eventually increasing to 620kW.

(Former) Analog Ch. 10: 316kW
(Former) Digital Ch. 36: 324kw
(Current) Digital Ch. 10: 20kW

Analog Ch. 15: 1200kW
Digital Ch. 20: 322kW, formerly 34.2kW

Analog Ch. 24: 1740kW
Digital Ch. 18: 250kW with an app in for 533kW (we are unsure which ERP they are currently at, but leaning toward 250kW)

(Former) Analog Ch. 47: 1510kW
Digital Ch. 46: 1Mw, formerly 220kW. They used 55.3 during the "special temporary authority" (STA) period.

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