Wednesday, March 4, 2009

TV Tower Pictures

Matt asked me a while back, if I could get pictures up of the area Transmitter/Tower locations and I finally have time to get it done.

KTTC-DT-10 and KROC-FM share this tower near Ostrander, MN; used to be KTTC-TV-10, was converter to digital on February 17th, 2009:

(KTTC-10 is the top mounted red antenna, while KROC-FM antenna elements can be seen on the left side of the tower in the photo to the left)

KAAL-TV-6, KAAL-DT-33, and KAUS-FM share this tower West of Austin, MN

KXLT-TV (now off the air) KXLT-DT-46, KSMQ-DT-20, and DT-36 (was KTTC-DT-36 pre-transition, will be KAAL-DT-36 soon) share this tower near Grand Meadow, MN:

(KXLT-TV/DT are the top mounted antennas, while the DT-36 is tube that is half red/white, and KSMQ-DT-20 is the white antenna, lowest in the frame)

KIMT-DT and KYIN-DT share a tower just south of the Minnesota/Iowa border south of Adams, MN:

Author's notes:
(1) Anyone interested, can see high resolution copies of these pictures (and more) on my Photobucket listing:

(2) I left out the analog towers, since the end of analog is near or has already happen for most stations.



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