Friday, May 29, 2009

KPXM Moving to Shoreview

The FCC just allowed Ion station KPXM-DT a CP (construction permit) for an install at the Telefarm Tower number 1. (see this link) They are planning a non-directional signal at 1MW (Mega Watt) from 407 Meters AGL (above ground level) This should make KPXM-DT just as strong as the other Twin Cities stations running 1MW! Good news, this is, for those of us viewers south of the TC DMA. Now, if I can find out when the station will get moved, although I highly doubt that it will be online from Shoreview on June 12th.

EDIT (6-01-09):

Got an email back from Ion (the parent of KPXM), and they said that they have no exact install date for KXPM-DT in Shoreview. As in, it could be quite a while.


Stephen said...

Any idea as of Jun 2010 where and when the move will take place?

gjvrieze said...

I just emailed Ion. The response I got back, was that there is almost no chance of them moving to Shoreview any time soon; defined as may not happen for another three years.