Thursday, May 28, 2009


I have been researching the DTV transition with interest to the Twin Cities market. Wanted to update everyone as to what to expect with KSTP-DT.
Many forum members online, have noticed that KSTP-DT-50 signal is the hardest of the TC full power stations to receive. This is caused by the fact they are actually using a DT-35 antenna for their DT-50 signal, which creates weird issues with only their digital signal.
They have made an agreement with KARE to use KARE's pre-transtion DT antenna, feedline, and transmitter, just as it is, until KSTP can complete their new transmitter system. It will run 1MW (1 million watts)just as KARE-DT-35 does and should come in exactly the same as KARE. Once KSTP finishes their transmitter work, they will switch to their own hardware and continue to run 1MW.

As to the other stations in the Twin Cities, stay tuned, I will be adding more later on this coming week:-)

-Garrett Vrieze (KD0GTI)

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