Tuesday, June 9, 2009


As some of you may know, WXOW is getting a new RF (radio frequency) channel number: 48 for post-transition operation. They have been on RF channel 14 with their digital signal up until now (their analog was on RF channel 19) Now they are switching out the 19 antenna for the brand new 48 antenna. I got word from Dan Rasmussen at WXOW, that last week, the tower crew, got the top mounted 19 antenna on the ground and are preparing to get the 48 antenna up top, today (Tuesday) If the weather holds and they get it up, they are on target to start up the DT-48 transmitter at 371kW ERP (effective radaited power) Which should push their signal out about as far as WHLA-DT. Dan is going to be providing me with pictures, which I will be sure to post!

EDIT: On the WXOW homepage, they are reporting that the new antenna is installed! They should be good to go on Friday at 9AM for bringing it online! Congrats to the crew that did the install!


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