Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rochester' TBN Translator K56HW Goes Off Air

As you may know, low power translator stations have not been forced to convert to digital yet. Many translators, especially those owned by local stations (as opposed to satellite networks) have already made the jump to digital.

In the Rochester area, K56HW (56, TBN) and K58GC (58, 3ABN) kept pumping out analog after the transition.

K58GC, being a 3ABN affiliate, will eventually convert to digital but that may be a ways off due to the network's budget.

TBN announced long ago that they would cut their analog translators and in most cases weren't going to bother replacing them with digital translators.

This became reality recently. Some time in the last couple weeks, K56HW went off the air never to be replaced by a digital channel.


jpweigel said...

Why did you remove my comment? All I said was that Ch 56 was back on in Rochester. Why would you not want people to know that?

mattdp said...


Thanks for the info. I'll have to hook up an analog tuner to my TV to verify it.

About previous comment deletion: We have this one spammer that comments all over our blog Chinese. I accidentally deleted your comment instead of the spammer's. I'm going to see if I can't undo this. I do greatly appreciate reader feedback and meant to leave the comment up.